Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Monthly Fasting Prayer
As a church, we believe that coming together as a community in prayer and fasting is a fundamental pillar in our walk with God as we live in this world.
We set aside three days every month to invest in fasting and prayer, a powerful tool that we believe in for spiritual growth and developing a deeper connection with God.

Intercessory Prayer
We have a dedicated phone prayer line, where we meet regularly to pray as a community. It involves lifting up the needs and concerns of others to God We meet every Monday- Tuesday-Thursday from 8.30 PM to 9:00 PM

Wednesday Prayer Meeting
We come together as a church at one of our members’ houses every Wednesdays to pray and intercede for the hosting family. This is an opportunity we use to connect as a family together grounded in christ. These are private events and are scheduled on Wednesdays at 7 PM.

Chain Prayer
The idea is to create a continuous chain of prayer where one person finishes praying and passes the request on to the next person in the chain, who then prays and passes it on to the next, and so on. We believe that chain prayer is a very effective way to being the congregation together, the chain prayer starts on every Thursday 6AM and ends on Friday 6AM


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