Seeking God

Seeking God

As the school principal announced the winners of the interstate math competition, the 10th grade students of Mr. Sullivan went on cheering for Fred, who was selected as the top scorer for Iowa ISD. The entire school celebrated as Fred had led the school to victory for the third time in the interstate competition.

“ I have never seen any person as smart as Fred,” Sarah, his classmate, said while walking back home. “ I agree with you. I hope to one day be even as half as smart as him,” Peter replied.

Walking along the road with them, uncle Andrew replied. “It’s really good to use your talents in extracurricular activities, but your wisdom isn’t defined by your achievements. A truly wise person is the one who trains himself to ‘look upward’ to the creator who is the true source of wisdom and understanding.” Sarah and Fred nodded, and uncle Andrew continued “Psalms 53:2 says ‘ God looks down from heaven on the entire human race: he looks to see if anyone is truly wise , if anyone seeks God’. We will talk more about this on Friday, so make sure to come to the bible study!”

When someone chooses to seek God through personal prayer and devotion, they develop a more intimate relationship with God. God slowly reveals himself to anyone who chooses to know him, and his followers gradually develop a Christ-like lifestyle. It could be by holding the door open for a classmate, helping a younger sibling with their homework, or even doing acts of service at church. Slowly but surely, when you invite God into your life, you will see yourself becoming more and more like Jesus. As Summer draws near, the Haven encourages you to set aside time for God. The presence of God in your life will truly make a difference.


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